Sunday, December 14, 2008

Power Outage - Again

Today we had another Power outage. Again, it was right at supper time, and again, the power company had no estimated time fro when the power would be back on.

This happened just a few weeks ago, and the power was out for 13 hours. some retard shot the power transformer thingy and power was out for 100k people.

The horrid thing about today's outage, besides the fact it was once again at supper time, was that with the windchill it was -40 outside, and without power the fan in the furnace doesn't turn and without the fan, well, it was getting cold fast.

This kids were hungry, and so were we, and with no estimate of when the power was coming back, Hubs and I made the executive decision to drive into the city and eat at a restaurant. This itself is kind of perilous as we were uncertain how long it would take us to get our order and eat - would the car get too cold to start back up?

Thankfully, even though it took 35 minutes to get our order taken, the car started fine, but I am beginning to get really REALLY annoyed at the power company. They are our only choice for a power provider, so we cannot even threaten to take our business elsewhere. In the past five months we have had five major - lasting 12 hours or more- power outages, and only one of those outages - the shooting- has come with an explanation.

It's not as if I am asking them to turn water into Fenphedra, I just want to have a reliable source of power!

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