Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh Dear....

Parker is only nine. NINE. he has been washing his face nightly with acne preventatives for a year, but he is STILL getting hte occasional zit. Actually, Im not sure if zit is the right word, he gets these... bumps along side his nose. They are int eh right place for a zit, but other than being in the shape of a bump, don;t look like a zit. They have no.. head? they are just bumps, no icky pus inside of them.

But it still worries me, regardless. See, if he is having issues with "Maybe-Acne" now, before puberty, what will happen when he actually HITS puberty??!

I tell myself that I shouldn't worry, that there is no point in worrying because we aren't there yet, not for a while yet, I hope, but I still spend a fair amount of time researching the best acne treatments available.

I'll just keep my fingers (and toes) crossed that we won't need it!

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