Friday, December 19, 2008

Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Known

The car broke in the brake area.

LOL. that amuses me.

(STFU, little things amuse me and that's OK)

OK, wait, it doesn't amuse me that the brakes are Broken, becuase broken breaks aren't funny, they are scary and expensive, its the play on words that amuses me. I'm just not that into death and dismemberment.

In the past week I have gotten either a ride or had my neighbor drive Logan to class three times, and it bugs me. Ive taken her boy once all year. ONCE! Not very fair, wouldn't you say?

So I've been thinking about Christmas. Our neighbors are great people, with the exception of how early they go to bed. I like talking to them, and the kids love playing together. I'd like to get them something for Christmas, more than a box of chocolates, but less than, say, a subscription to a wine of the month club.

But WHAT? There are six days between now and Christmas, and tonight hubs and I are going out to finish up. all we have left is stocking stuffers. Tonight is the last time we will brave the malls and the hordes of people, so I have to decided on somehting now, today!

Any Ideas?

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