Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Carols and School

I'm getting so so so tired of hearing that this song of that has been banned at a school Christmas play becuase OMG it makes references to Christianity! I am not a Christian, in fact, I have no religious affiliation whatsoever ...

Sure, I don't wander round Googleing for Christian videos, but if I happened to find one on a website, i wouldn;t freak out over it. Nor do i freak out over the fact that my own children will be singing Oh Holy Night in their Christmas play next Wednesday. It's a song people, it's not gonna hurt you!

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phinz said...

Isn't it something how Christians (of all denominations) can be so tolerant of other religions, yet the LOUD FEW of these other religions or atheists are making Christmas a taboo. I think the majority of people have no problem with it, but these VERY FEW BIG MOUTHS are getting more media attention than they deserve, and they really need to examine their motives for crying "foul" every time anything Christian is acknowledged. I don't jump down THEIR throats every time they say they don't believe, so they need to BACK OFF and just live and let live.