Monday, December 08, 2008

Gift Ideas for Boys

  • Train set. Not wooden, a real one. If it doesnt move, it's no good.
  • Matchbox Cars. My boys have at least 300 already, and trust me, they could always use more.
  • Play Dough and cookies cutters. Trust me.
  • Vinegar and Baking soda. Again, Trust me. Nothing makes my boys happier than me buying both Vinegar and baking Soda in the same shopping trip.
  • ball lock pins. Not quite sure what they are, but they look "toolish" and if there is one thing boys like, it's playing with tools. In the same vein, hammers, small pieces of boards, nails and hacksaws are also a great idea. If you can find one cheap, a cordless drill makes an awesome "boy" gift. My four year old is capable of handeling one safely so yours probably is too.
  • Candy. Of any kind. Seriously.
  • Shoe Boxes. I keep all my shoe boxes and give them to the boys, they take them and store a billion and one things in them. Secret things.
Kids - they are easy to shop for, and you CAN do it cheap.

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