Sunday, November 30, 2008

Making money... the sneaky way?

My inlaws live in a little community within our community. They live in a condo block of thirty condos and they are a tight knit group. My father in law is the Condo association president, and as such, the different members often leave their house keys with him while they are on vacation, just in case an water pipe breaks and someone needs to go in and turn off the water or something.

Today they were joking with my sister in law about how many people in the association are on vacation and that they know who is all on vacation and for how long, AND they have keys to all their homes.

My sister in law replied that since neighbor B was on vacation for three months, mom and dad should rent the place out for that time and make some cash on the side. Kind of like one of those vacation rentals, the ones where instead of staying at a hotel, you stay in a house, with all the bonus's of a house, (fridge stove, washer dryer ect). They laughed. I laughed.

I know they would never in a million years do something like that, but it *would* be a nice chunk of change if they DID!


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