Thursday, November 20, 2008

My son Makes me LOL

We don't watch that much TV here - Or at least I do not! My husband and the boys like cartoons though, and we all enjoy movies. Only ONE of us, however, enjoys commercials and infomercials.

My six year old son, Blake. He can watch the Tide ball commercial(or other commercial) one time and then recite the entire ad while we are in the store standing beside the product. He tries his darnedest to convince me that I need to buy it. He only does this with things that he thinks I need, cleaning supplies, certain "girl" toys like the Easy Bake Oven, anything he thinks will help me.

It's so cute, there is a product called "Sham Wow", and basically it is an orange cloth that is supposed to be a miracle product, but they want 30 bucks for it. You can find the exact same cloths at the dollar store for a DOLLAR, though. One evening while we were at my mother in laws house, Blake was astounded when she brought out her rag to mom up a spill. it was a "Sham Wow" (lol from the dollar store). He proceeded to get a bowl down, fill it with water and do the entire infomercial for us. (the bowl of water - it shows how absorbent the cloth is... or something)

At the rate that drug companies are increasing their advertising time, it will not be long before Blake is telling me to buy Phentermine as we walk down the vitamin isle of the store!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny!
As long as he doesn't recite the gazillion side effects of the drugs, it'll still be cute!