Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And So it is Done

While by brother has not called to tell me he has made it safely up to Alberta with his chick and their two daughters, I assume from the facebook status updates they have done so.

I was talking with my father, firming up plans for us to go down their next weekend, and he told me that my brother has a pay as you go cell phone. I don't know what kind, or if it is one of those unlocked cell phones (whatever that means) or not, but at least he has the means to get ahold of the family.

It does kind of worry me that it is a pay as you go phone, becuase in the winter, not often, but sometimes, going outside, even to drive, is totally inadvisable, and I worry they will run out of minutes and be unable to get help if it is needed. (Ive heard that you can dial 911 on any cell phone and the call will go through, is this true?)

I'm guessing now, that the next time I will be able to see my brother and the girls will be at Christmas time, and that kind of sucks. Baby Brooke will be nearly five months old. She will be sitting and laughing byt he time I see her next!

Come to think of it, K;s Birthday is December 24th so I had BETTER see them during Christmas, I'd hate to have my niece celebrate her birthday with out her Aunty (ME!!) wishing her a happy Birthday

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