Sunday, November 02, 2008

Christmas - LESS than 2 months away

This, I am ashamed to say, Is the worst we have ever been in terms of preparedness for Christmas. Normally we are all but done our Christmas shopping by this time. This year? Not so much. We are about 2% done.


Part of it is getting into the city without the boys to do some hard core shopping, another part of it, a bigger part is that since we know - pretty much - what we are getting the boys, so we have settled into kind of a complacent attitude, almost as if it is already done.

Some of the more interesting items I have seen for sale this holiday season are things like talking watches, the bubble machine for bathtubs - this I would have liked to get, but it was being sold on an infomercial and I don;t buy things with Credit Cards - there was a dinosaur at Costco I loved , it was the size of a small child, talked walked and "rawred" - unfortunately, Logan is a bit too old for toys like that :o(

We completely FORGOT to pick up my nieces Christmas/Birthday gift yesterday while shopping. I say Christmas slash birthday becuase her birthday is December 24th. We have one gift bought already, but I am not sure if it will be for her birthday or for Christmas.

Hubs has agreed to run into Costco after work tomorrow and pick up the gift for me, and once they are bought I can wait until the last minute to decided which is for which occasion.

Next payday, we are going to go to my dad's house for dinner - shh! I haven't told him yet, and at that point we will be able to buy two more gifts. Those two gifts are only available at the store when my Step Mother (not the evil variety) works.


Blogarita said...

I am all but done with my shopping. Done with Sparky. Need to get gift cards for Artsy and her beau, need to get or make something for Sparky's teacher, and SG needs to get something for his boss. That's all we have left to get. :)

Bluepaintred said...

I just got back from the store. Logan is now 95% done, with just stocking stuffers to get him, and my baby niece is done as well. We still have to get the dress up shoes from Costco for my older niece to be done her!

I also picked up a sweet long sleeve tee shirt for Parker on clearance while I was out today!

It feels good to be "more" done.