Friday, November 07, 2008

If wishes were horses...

...I'd have a lot of dung to clean up!

I'm kind of jealous that the people in the USA get to have Black Friday. I've seen the ads, I know that the Americans are getting awesome deals on things I will be paying full price for, and it makes me sad.

And the worst part of it all is knowing that OUR deals come the day AFTER Christmas. Sure, that works awesome for my friend and her mom, who both work Christmas and then go shopping on Boxing day, saving lots and lots of money on their Christmas list, but for me, for people who have kids at home, who expect Presents on Christmas Morning, well it just plain sucks.

I want Black Friday to come to Canada too!


Anonymous said...

trust me, it's WAY over rated. We have kids to buy for too (great-grandkiddies!) but by the time we factor in the getting up in the middle of the night, standing in gawdawful lines, RACING to get to the merchandise, elbows in the ribs, traffic, people who didn't bother to BRUSH THEIR TEETH OR SHOWER when they woke up, etc, etc. etc.--we figure OUR time and avoiding all that hassle is worth those few extra bucks.
But that's just us.
Question: can you not order some things online or is there some kind of law about that between the US & Canada (I'm annoyingly naive about this, I'm sure).

Bluepaintred said...

oh we can buy stuff, but depending on what it is or the cost, we have to pay additional duty fees, and shipping. Shipping from the US to Canada is quite often outrageous!

I buy things on ebay all the time, but die to duty fees and shipping, I generally find stuff being shipped from Canada.

last summer I paid 95 bucks for duty fees on my camera from the US. That made me sad

Anonymous said...

Okay, makes sense. I forgot about that duty stuff. That stinks.

Anonymous said...

You are so good as snowing the boys - can't you convince them that Christmas has been moved to the day AFTER Boxing Day?
(and "Black Friday", in my mind, is usually referring to stock market crash...)