Sunday, November 02, 2008

Christmas on My Mind

Thinking about Christmas all day has led me to remember some of the weirder parts of Christmas and got me wondering.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever gotten or had happen to you for Christmas?

Has your grandma ever given you a skirt made out of ties? or Uncle Bob a decoratively wrapped ServReach KVMCube? What about Aunt Sue's rock hard fruit cake?

The weirdest thing that I've experienced Christmas-wise was one year, long long ago. My mother was not a big fan of wrapping gifts, and since me and my sister LOVED to do it, she would give us a pile of gifts and send us with tape, scissors and paper to separate rooms.

There we would, green with envy, wrap each others gifts. That's right. We had to each wrap the other sister's Christmas gifts and NOT tell what they got.

it was VERY hard, especially when you consider that my sister always seemed to get exactly what I wanted!

Then came Christmas morning and I was horrified at my mistake! Here I was unwrapping my very own Purple Boom Box - except - I had wrapped it for my sister! Oh no!

Yeah. My mother had each of us wrap OUR OWN Christmas gifts!

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