Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too easy to please

I think that my kids are getting tired of the same old lunch every day! They normally make their own lunches, they take a sandwich a yogurt and then they can pick two snacks from cheese strings, granola bars and rice crispy squares.

Two nights ago we had cheese smokies in a bun and this morning I made their lunches because i wanted to use the buns up. I made them a plain old baloney and cheese sandwhich, but stacked it into the hotdog bun like it was a sub.

You would have thought I had given the kids a lunch made entirely out of chocolate and jelly beans the way they reacted!

When we go shopping this weekend I am going to have to help them find somehting other than a sandwich for lunch.


Shelli said...

Kids like change almost as much as they need routine.

Not a Granny said...

My daughter used to love the veggies and Ranch Dip I would send in her lunch. Sometimes it was cheese and crackers, with lil smokies. The teacher actually called me one time complaining because the other kids were jealous of her lunches!