Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I need a memory upgrade!

This is a comment I left on FantastaGirls Blog :

I did our lists the other night too, then to hide them conveniently - becuase I wrote them while the kids were watching a movie, I shoved them into my book. this afternoon I was in the bath and the papers fell out of my book and into the tub, I fished them out, blotted them and laid them to dry on the counter, telling myself that I would SURLY remember to pick up the lists and NOT leave them unattended in the bathroom for the boys to read.

Guess who forgo to pick up the lists. There were two lists. One of the stuff we had bought already, one of the stuff we had yet to get.

Thank GOD that Logan - the only one who cannot read, was the one who found them and brought them to me asking if he could color!

Yeah. Nuff said, eh?

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