Wednesday, November 26, 2008

SnowBirds in Mexico??

My In laws are die hard Snow Birds - Snow Birds are people of retirement age who go away from home, to a warm place, Usually Arizona, for the winter.

My in laws typically leave either in the beginning of December or the week after Christmas, and stay in Arizona for three months.

This year, instead of Arizona, My in laws are going to Mexico. I know that they are planning on getting a new life insurance quote as well as health coverage - my father in law suffers from heart disease and has had a stroke in the past - but I wonder if they have thought about the water in Mexico.

I'm pretty sure that people who visit Mexico must have a shot to prevent hepatitis. That the hepatitis can be found not just in the water, but in ice cubes as well as int he food that has been cooked in the water.

I will be seeing my mother in law tonight and i will have to remember to mention that to them. I'm sure that my Father in law will be talking to his doctor before they leave and his doctor will mention it as well, but better safe than sorry, right!!

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Anonymous said...

Depending on the area of Mexico they're going to, the water will probably be safe. But drinking bottled is always a good idea! Where in Mex are they going? Any plans to visit them while they're there? ;0)