Thursday, November 06, 2008

LOLz with logan

Logan is eating his Ham with trees sandwich (Ham and cheese for those of you who don't speak Loganese)

Logan, I ask him, What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?

A Blue DS. He tells me.

Simple enough, "Santa" has already bought the Blue DS and magically hidden it in my husbands closet.

But, DS's are very expensive Logan, Santa might not have enough money for one. I tell him.

Santa has lots of money. It's in his head. The way to get money out of your head is to put your finger in your ear mommy.

Well, If Santa can't bring you a Blue DS for Christmas, is there something else he can bring you?

Yes! He tells me

What? What can Santa bring you?

A Green DS

*Bangs head on counter*


Tug said...

So I guess Blue is the 'it' color, which would make it more expensive, right? ;-)

(Does the finger in the ear work for us, too, or just Santa?)

Bluepaintred said...

nah all teh colors are the same price, when we bought the older boys their DS, they only had black and white, AND theyw ere 250.00.

This year they have red, blue, pink - well im not sure all the colors, but quite a few, and they are only 129.00

it just bugs me that he is so sure. he has been saying the same thing since boxing day last year. and last year they did not have blue DS's yet!

Tug said...

Um...I was joking about the blue being more expensive. hee

LeSombre said...

I have kids, so that is awesome.

Anonymous said...

I don't have kids--what's a DS?!

Bluepaintred said...

Phinz - it is a hand held gaming system put out by nintendo

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh, okay, thanks!

. . . what's ninetendo?