Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I think My son is a whimp. I'm not positive, but so far, all the roads are leading to yes. Or. Myabe he just has an impossibly low pain threshold?

That can happen, right?

See the thing is. He has a tooth so loose it flops when he inhales and exhales. But he will not pull it out. Nor will he let us pull it. Or eat gum, apples, or basically anything with any resistance whatsoever.

He refused a Popsicle yesterday.

And yes it is rather important he get that tooth out. His adult tooth has come up Fully right behind it. And his dentist wants it out (she knows how loose it is) before his August the eighth appointment.

So we bought him a bribe.

He has been wanting these for a while, but we never took the time to go to a bike shop and pick them up. They aren't expensive, under fifteen bucks. We had planned on getting him them sometime during the summer, but time, it just seems to slip away.

In any case we bought them and this morning I laid them on the table. When Rainbow man saw them I said yes, they are his, But for when he gets that tooth out. If its today, tomorrow or next freaking year, thats how long he will have to wait.

Hopefully this will give him that last little push to get that thing out! (Without me driving him insane with pressure and him driving me insane with whining!)

Oh. in case you were wondering they are pegs to go on the back tires of your bicycle for tricks.

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