Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have a plan

In regards to our camping snafu, we have decided to just go and stay in the over flow part of the campground. Sure it doesnt have electricity which means OMG no coffee. And that concerns me a little bit, but we are only staying two nights.

Friday, by the time we get there, we will have time to set up camp and make supper and then it will be dark, so no need for shade there, eh?

Im sooooo looking forward to burnt marshmallows!

Saturday we will be at the pool all day, and we will have shade there (there are no trees in overflow camping, you just get a spot of grass and dirt.) The pool area has lots of trees for shade, so we are good for then. And of course we will have even more marshmallows on Saturday night, cus OMG marshmallows are my first true love!

Sunday we have to check out by noon, but we will stick around for a round or two of mini golf and head home.

Since we won't be there long, only one full day, we don;t really have to have the bestest campsite, do we?

Aside from the whole I WON'T GET COFFEE FOR TWO AND A HALF DAYS! part, it should be fun!


Sheila said...

Hm, here in the states, if you go camping there's no miniature golf or pools... where in the hell do you go camping?

Anonymous said...

A pool totally beats a slimy rock lake.

I hate having to cringe everytime I take a step and think oh great what am I stepping on now.

So you will be back Monday??? Maybe the kids and I can come over for a dip in your pool??? And of course drink gallons of coffee