Thursday, July 05, 2007


Thirteen Things about Bluepaintred

As this is my first ever TT, I will pick ME as the subject!

1. I just turned 28 years old

2. Three kids - boys, one husband, one cat, two snakes.

3. I live in a small town and I LIKE it.

4. I hate spiders. Other bugs don't bother me.

5. I bite my nails. Its bad, I know.

6. I love chocolate.

7. I also love coffee.

8. I love them best when they are together.

9. I cannot drive a stick. My dad tired once, but I suck.

10. I don't like to do housework. So sometimes i just don't.

11. I consider the internet an addiction, but I am not willing to quit.

12. We had a dog when I was little, but she committed suicide.

13. I find it harder to come up with lists then to just type something random out.

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