Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pool Problems

So we set up the pool and started swimming. well not quite we had to add algaecide or something, and something called platinum shock and wait and hour and then chlorine tablets in a floater thingamajig. then we started swimming,

The pool has a filter thingy that we are only supposed to use eight hours at a time and only when no one is in the pool.

So what I am wondering is, do we test the water daily with those little test strip thingys and adjust the chemicals accordingly, or do we just do like the box and test every week and and add the chemicals then?

I'm not sure if the water is cloudy becuase of the grass and such the boys drag in - I spent an hour this morning scooping out grass with a bug net. Its actually very relaxing.. or if the water is cloudy becuase we need to do other chemical thingys.

And what exactly is the filter for? Why cant we have it going at all times? If the filter is supposed to take out the grass and crap, then i need something or someone in it to be moving the water around because it all seems to sit at the bottom of the pool.

However, the top 12 inches looks awesome!

I'm very very new to the pool thingy, we never had more than paddling pools as kids, and this is the first pool we have ever owned as a family now that is big enough to merit chemicals and filter stuff.

Help a girl out, I know a lot of you peeps have pools!

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