Sunday, July 22, 2007

Employee relations

I just heard that tomorrow we will have temperatures exceeding 120.


I'm not worried about me, because I will just run over to my in laws and drink coffee there all day in the nice air conditioned house.

I will be worrying over my husband as he is a welder. His work is always hot without adding the hugely horrid temperatures he will face tomorrow.

I feel bad for him, but tis not like he can just not go, you know? A job is a job.

When does it get too hot? When should employers start to think about their workers? For the majority of his plant, the workers will be hot, but for those poor poor welders, tomorrow will be pure hell.

I think its time that employers take into account the tpe of work being done, as well as the temperatures. At the very least they should be allowed more time to go get a drink of water to re hydrate themselves.

I'm going to be pretty mad if my husband comes home with heat stroke and cannot work the next day!

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