Friday, May 23, 2008


A surge of new Blogger babies have been - or are about to be born. Her Bad Mother had a harrowing almost born in the car birth experience the other day, Amalah and Girls Gone Child are both expecting, it seems like everywhere I turn I read a new pregnancy post! Even my brothers girl friend is expecting!

It makes me remember when I was expecting and how sweet and fragile babies are. I can remember with my first baby having to pack all the billion things a baby needs AND jugs of water - we formula fed- for a trip to my dads. His water was horrible. By the time I had my Third baby, dad had gotten one of those water purifiers, so we were able to take H2o off the list! Now, I pack a change of pants and underwear for the youngest, a few sweaters or coats and am free to head down for the day. No bottles diapers or sippy cups for us!

Often, when a new pregnancy close to home is announced, people imply that I must want another baby too. But truthfully? There is nothing on earth that would make me go back to midnight feedings and stinky diapers!

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