Sunday, May 04, 2008


On Wednesday the 29th of April, I went to the bank to get a money order and then paid almost 13 bucks to have it mailed "fast". Fast, according to the post office was 3 - 6 business days. (that means the earliest the money order should reach it's destination was this past Thursday, and the latest would be the fifth of May.)

For what might be the first time in the entire history of the Canadian Postal Service, my money order actually got to its destination ON TIME! I got my tracking number email from the company on Friday morning!

Now all I have to do is click my tracking link over and over and over and over (in rather an obsessive manner to tell the truth) until the package makes it to my door!

(The inset undersea photo is what I am waiting for - a wallpaper mural for Stupermans room)

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