Friday, May 02, 2008

A few things

First of all - I am the worst daughter EVER. I got off the phone with my dad at lunch time today and not five minutes later my sister called to say "Don't for get to call dad" I said " Oh? I just got off the phone with him" She replied with did you wish him a happy birthday?

Oh Shit. No. No I did not.

We are going down to his house tomorrow so that the boys, him and I can mash together some scrap wood into something resembling a dog house - crossed fingers that i do not cut off anything important would be nice - and I will tell him happy birthday then. Maybe I should bake him a cake and bring it along. What do you think? maybe I could tell him my eyesight is so bad I need Lasik and that I had not seen his birthday sticker on the calendar.

Or maybe I should man up and just tell him I forgot and that I am sorry.


The other thing is waiting.

I hate waiting. Two weeks ago we got our taxes done and opted to wait for the government to send our rebate to us as opposed to getting it cashed right then. The accountant charges and arm, a leg and your left ear to do instant cash back, so at the time, since we had no pressing need for the money, we chose to wait. it seemed like the smart thing to do!

I guess I had forgotten how much I hate waiting. And now? Of course we need the money! My in - laws are having a garage sale next weekend and I want to sell Blue Boys bed and mattress. I cannot do that unless our refund comes in so we can buy his new bed.

Le sigh x 2

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Anonymous said...

Go ahead and sell the old bed and let him camp out in a sleeping bag on the floor for a couple weeks until the refund comes through. Boys love that!
And definitely bake Dad a cake...
we want to see what awesome design you come up with for him.