Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pens; Mightier that a sword

Above :Papermate pens

I love nice pens. And by nice I don't mean expensive pens, but ones that feel right in my hands, or, I will suffer discomfort if the color of the pen is unique or the flow of the ink is wonderful. Lately I have been on the look out for a special kind of pen. I got them two years ago, Christmas time, and they are all just about out of ink.

The pens were tiny, about half, or maybe a bit smaller than a "regular" sized pen, and they were gel inks. There was a neon yellow, orange, green and pink, as well as a bright red, two different shades of blue, an awesome shade of deep green and a black.

Not only did I love the colors, but the ink flowed out better than most pens I have found, and they were the perfect size for throwing in my purse - two years and not a single one leaked!. In a pinch, I would let the kids use them to color - you know, when we had to wait for an appointment or an order to be filled.

My mom only ever used one kind of pen, a Papermate, I could not find a picture of the exact pen she used, but she has been dead for 11 years now, so that particular pen might have gone out of stock.

My father in law will only buy pens that have a clip so he can carry them in his shirt pocket.

What about you? do you have a pen fetish? Will you write with anything, or must your pen be a certain kind?


Blogarita said...

I have favorites, I guess, until the next favorite comes around. I won't use a fine point, though. Fine points and my handwriting don't seem to mix.

Bluepaintred said...

I tend to tear the paper when i try to use those pointy tip fine point ones. Plus the ink seems kind of scratchy..

Kim said...

I have my favorites and I have ones that I absolutely refuse to use. My kids seem to like the same ones I do so I'm constantly searching my house for my favorite pens.

Anonymous said...

Must be medium point and must NOT be black. Don't know why, just don't like black ink. I've tried many different brands over the years, but haven't settled on a 'must have'.