Friday, May 23, 2008

more old movies

Every Friday one of the stations our cable offers us plays what they call the Friday Frightmares. I like a good scary movie in a way that means I enjoy watching them but the moment they actually get scary, I get scared, and then stay scared. It worries me to have my back to anything, and I would love to keep a light on when we go to bed, but Hubs cannot sleep in light.

Int he past, I only had to watch scary movies, once, whine they come out, but now, with the Friday Frightmare, I no longer have that option.

Tonight we have Darkness Falls on the television. I can honestly say that this is a VERY well done movie, the plot is great and the acting, for a scary movie, is surprisingly good. The premise is that you are not allowed to "peek" when the toothfairy comes for your teeth, because if you see her, you die. A small boy, upon the loss of his last tooth decided the story is just that, a story, and peeks. His mother ends up dead and he is on the run. He must stay in the light, for the toothfairy fears the light.

As much as I try not to watch the Friday Frightmares, I often end up watching them. And then? Yea, I end up scared.

Yay me. I'm such a dork.

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