Saturday, May 17, 2008


Experiencing my first sun burn of the year, I am a bit shocked at how uncomfortable it is. By any means, this is not a bad burn, maybe 12 inches of my arms is red, and for the most part, my main source of discomfort is a "tightening" feeling in the skin.

Last night however, I was wishing I had a set of silk bedding. Something cool and smooth, instead of the cotton blend sheets I was on.

I think, in a red, or a deep forest green. I should forward this link to hubs, my birthday IS coming up soon, you know!

...not that i plan of getting burned again, of course!


Fireflower said...

We never plan on getting sunburned. The last major burn I got, I could have killed for silk sheets. As it was, I couldn't bear to have anything at all against the back of my body- and it took forever to heal.

Bluepaintred said...

mine is much much much better, it helps that it was not a very bad burn to begin with!