Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ok, NOW it's an obsession

Every morning for the last.. two years... the first thing I do when I get online is check my email for blog comments that came in while I was sleeping. But this morning, after the computer had finished loading the first thing I checked was this :
Please note, since my last track and confirm update, my package has cleared customs and will be arriving any minute. Please also note that I still have not checked my email, preferring instead to run over here and tell you all my package has moved from its previous spot.

I have a direct book mark to this page on my toolbar, so it is very easy for me to click it every few minutes just in case. And yes I have read the last line where it says it is updated int eh evenings only! I don't care! tracking this package is like a drug! If it does not get here soon I will need to look into a drug treatment center that specializes in postal addictions!

And trust me, when it does get here? there will be pictures!!

now i'm off to go check one more time ( just to be sure) the location of my package and then I am off to check my email!

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