Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gah! Bad Weather!

We had a garage sale goin gon the past couple of days. Quite frankly it sucked.

The highest point of it was having our oldest advertise his sale stuff at school and see him walking home on Thursday afternoon with a gaggle of kids behind him. He sold all of his things in under ten minutes.

I made six bucks, but lost it after walking through the rest of the blocks sales!

Seems like a few items are the In thing this year, patio furniture and kid's summer toys, like wee plastic tables and slides for the back yard. Nothing I was looking for, really.

One place had a bunch of new books on three for a dollar so I spent a bit there, and another place was selling fresh baked goodies and I spent there as well, and OMG was it good!

It was SO cold and windy though, that it was hard to sit outside and watch for garagesalers. It seems like every year we have crappy weather for our sale, next year, I will talk everyone into waiting for at least JUNE!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I would have spent all my time at the books and baking goods too. lol

Sorry it was such a crappy day for it.