Friday, April 25, 2008

Check this out

When we built the basement and made rooms for the two older boys we let them choose whatever colors they wanted for their rooms. we did decorative paint lines, more than one shade, it was awesome. BUt Stuperman, his room has not been touched at all. The paint on his walls is a soft blue and is pretty nice, unless you look closely. there are a few chips and dings in his wall that need to be mudded and re painted. I would like to paint it the same or about the same shade of blue that it is now.

However, we decided that on one wall we would do this :

See! It's wallpaper!

Unfortunately it is the hard kind of wallpaper, you have to mix up the paste, add the paste, and put it up like that. I'm pretty nervous about it, but I will be asking my Mother in Law - who is really good at this kind of stuff - to help us.

Stuperman does not know about this at all, I want to send him to his grandparents house for a day and night, do the painting and the wallpapering and have him come home to it as a surprise.

I transfered money to my bank account form paypal ( thank you paid blogging) and in five days I will be sending the company a money order. I am sure It will be here by his birthday, it is still 63 days away.

Have you ever wallpapered? Got any tips? The paste is included with the panels, but will we need to prepare the walls in any way (other than washing them) Will we need any special tools for the job?

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Anonymous said...

That mural wallpaper is totally awesome! My best friend in junior high had one wall with a forest wallpaper mural. I've always wanted something like that.
Can't help on the how-to - I'm inept that way...