Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday baby!

Today Stuperman and I joined My girlfriend and her daughter for an afternoon at the indoor pool. We had a blast, despite the fact she is due to give birth any second. She is concerned that she will not know when she goes into labor becuase her stomach has been sore for a month, and she has been experiencing realistic braxton hicks contractions for just as long.

I suggested that maybe when he back begins to hurt along with the Braxton Hicks, she could start timing them, but she explained that she has been seeing a massage therapy genius since the start of her pregnancy so she has not had a sore back the entire time, and she doesn't expect too! ( I wish I had thought of that when I was pregnant!)

When we were done swimming, and int he change room, she all of a sudden stiffened up and grasped her very large belly. I asked her if she was having a contraction but she said no, she had felt a gush of water leak! She is unsure if it is just pool water that had been stuck up "there" or if maybe her water is breaking. In any case, when I came home, I made sure that the phone is fully charged and have kept it by my side!

Babies are So exciting!

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