Friday, April 18, 2008

Passive Agressive Letter Writing Time

When I became pregnant with our third and FINAL child, I began leafing through flyer's that contained family rings. Then I began stopping in stores to see their selections. I told my husband that since we are done building our family, it is time for me to order my coveted mother's ring.

Please go back to the first sentence, the one that says when I was pregnant. That baby is now almost FOUR YEARS OLD and my finger sits bare and lonely. So, here's to you, Hubs!

Dear Husband:

Four years ago I brought up the idea of a family ring. I can understand how, with surgery bills and the gas spent taking Blue Boy to the hospital constantly meant that the first two years of Stupermans life we were rather broke. But now? We are doing pretty good. I will be turning 29 this July, a mere five days after our baby turns four, and the only thing I want is a ring on my finger so that everyone knows I am a mom.

For nearly ten years I have been a wife and mother. i have my ring symbolizing to all who care to look that I am a wife, but where is my symbol of Motherhood? How many times do I wait until the children are asleep before I go out for a bit of shopping and coffee? A Mothers ring is a great way to show off my boys even when I am not there! Not to mention that we were lucky enough to have had our children in months that have Beautiful Birthstones!

As this is the ring (above) I have my heart set on, (Size 6.5 please) (White gold) The only decision you will have to make is What order the stones are set in.

You could choose to do Oldest to youngest, Like so :


Or youngest to oldest, like this, Would work just as well,

June April October

Or, you could arrange the stones by the length of their names, oldest (6) middle(5) baby(5) And do it like this :

April OctoberJune

Which ever order you decide to go with in the end, will be fine with me. An added bonus is this ring will ship in 10 -12 days after you order it, so it is sure to get here by my birthday! Or, you know...Mother`s Day is coming up pretty fast too...


Your loving wife!

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