Thursday, April 10, 2008

Survey Says:

I just read an article in my local newspaper about online banking security. How banks tout "Bank online in minutes" with a "100% refund if you are hacked while on their secure system". The problem is that for people to get the 100% refund if hacked, there are six bazzillions steps you need to take on your home computer to be eligible.

They surveyed a group of computer securities students - students who are studying online security and even they failed to satisfy the requirements the bank has for the refund policy.

This is scary for me becuase, number one, I had no idea there were requirements (I will re reading the fine fine print tonight! and making sure we meet them!) You see, we do at least 99.9% of our banking online, from paying our student loans to our bills and mortgage, we even do online auto insurance for our car!

I had felt pretty secure with the banks statements of safety and when they backed it up with the 100% refund, I was hooked.

It will be a hassle like you would not believe if we had to go back to doing banking in person, but comparing the hassle to the potential risks we face, it may be worth it!

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