Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh No - recall?

I called my sister in law this morning. I wanted to reminisce about the early morning trip we had taken two and a half years ago to the hospital so my niece could be born. It was a very foggy morning, and the roads were horrible. Well. Last night, the roads were just as foggy - in fact, I would say they were worse, and another mom was making the trip to the city to have a baby.

It's still foggy now, come to think of it. Anyway. I called her and she told me they got their laptop back. I hadn't even heard they had it taken away! I guess that their laptop had crashed and when they called in to Future Shop, the guys there told her that there had been a recall on the ..motherboard..

So she sent it in and they fixed it up good as new.

I would be lost without my notebook computer. I used it to keep track of appointments and of course to blog, but I also get my weather and news from it as well as keeping up with family.

I think I will give my computer a few more kisses tonight when I put her to bed, just to make sure she knows she is loved!

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