Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Yea *sheepish Grin*

Hmm. I guess I should say "Oh Hia! I am Back"

Wellllll.. Kinda. This break from blogging and the internet has been So good for me, I feel like I have been hiding out in one of those Pigeon Forge cabins just vegging, relaxing. I have gotten a LOT of housework done, but even better, I have gotten a lot of trips to the park done, as well as a LOT of self reflecting.

I am scared to click the link up on he left hand side of my tool bar that says Bloglines, I'm afraid that there will be so many posts there I will be unable to read them all. You see. This week has taught me that I do not NEED to read all the updates on all of your lives. Sounds horrible, I know, but I was honestly addicted.

I think that this weekend when I jump back into blogging for real, that I will refuse to force myself to read them all at once. I am a fast reader, and I am sure it will not take *too* long to read all the updates - a week away - I think they will number almost 1200 updates..

In fact, this weekend back could not have been better planned as a return to blogging. I will be so busy that it will be just like this last week - lack of internet time I mean - that it will be easy for me to take it slowly!

(I am looking forward to being back though :o) )

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