Thursday, April 10, 2008

the Count Down is On

I guess that until all of the snow is gone, the mud is here to stay, but with highs in the twenties expected for Sunday/Monday, that could mean the snow will disappear as soon as next week.

Lack of mud is important becuase as a mother I am very anal. I can recall driving my bike through puddles and coming home with trails of mud up my back and my parents not caring about it at all, but when my kids come in from playing in the yard, I make them take their boots and splash pants off before they can come inside!

I grudgingly allowed them to have their bikes the day before yesterday after threatening hell and brimstone upon their wee heads if they drove in the puddles. Now Rainbow Man, my oldest (8) is asking when he can take out his skate shoes and roller blades because the boys next door have theirs out already.

I told him that when the mud is gone, thats the day he can bring them out. When I think of it, which I try not to, All I can picture is him skating down the driveway, hitting a patch of mud and heading face first into it, and that is NOT a mess I want to clean up!

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