Thursday, April 08, 2010

Check this out

THIS. Is a Texas mickey.

(the very large bottle. they come in all sorts of alcohol varieties)

Now. Some people might think that this is a cool thing because of the alcohol, but for me, because I do not drink, why it's cool for me is that when I was growing up, my parents had a Texas mickey, and they kept it in their bedroom, and every night they put their change from the day into the jar.

All this is leading up to the fact that *I* am getting my very own Texas Mickey VERY soon! It's already empty of alcohol, and soon it will be full of change!

And!!! More change that what it costs to buy some anti wrinkle eye cream, or some snacks at the store, but ..seriously. When the jar is full, if we only fill it with silver and gold coins, (as opposed to pennies) it will hold enough for us to take a trip to Disney!!!

I'm actually buying two Texas Mickey's, one for the silver and one for the pennies!

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