Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Dance

In the past month or so, my oldest (only ten) started getting these big white pimples. (k a little gross : not the mushy liquid kind, but the bumpy kind that you know its a pimple, and you can see the white, but there is no point popping it cus nothings gonna come out).

i had pretty bad zits when i was a kid/teen, not to the point I was using pronexin, but bad enough that even at 30, nearly 31, I get a bit embarressed for people to see my school pictures from back then!

I got Parker some face wash and some acne face wipe thingy's and his face cleared right up. I read onlien that kids,a s they head towards puberty and go through puperty, they have swings in their hormones and it makes their face break out and other crap too, so this could be the cause of his outbreak.

I just hope that any more outbreaks will be as easy to clear up as this one was!

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