Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ho Hum Day

I was on gChat today talking with a friend about how "Meh" I've been lately. After discussing things with my friend, I've come to the conclusion that my Meh might be caused by my lack of ANYTHING to do.

Logan is in school now, not five days a week, but enough to kill me with boredneess. (....is too a word). So, after chatting on Gmail, I spent some time thinking about what kind of job I wanted. I was interested in working in the postal system, good pay, good benefits, and, if I was working in sorting the mail or whatever, the NOT delivering the mail job part, it would be an easy job. jobs in administration are pretty simple, right?

I mean, I spend most of my day online typing at a computer anyway, so an administrative job would be super similar except I would get paid.

Buuuut.I checked today, no openings at our Post Office, administrative or otherwise. I left an application anyway, they keep them on file, so who knows.

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