Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm having a tough time tonight validating my reasons for being online. Before I would have said immediately that it was the interactions with the people I meet online, but lately, its all too much stress and drama.

I hopped in the tub tonight for a nice bath, and as usually, I took my iPod with me. I logged into twitter - I like to catch up on my tweepel friends when I am in the bath, it's when I have TIME to do so- and was shocked by the hate coming out of there!

A few months back I complained that twitter was useless during any prime time show becuase all the fans were there, posting about the show, to me this holds little interest becuase I watch very few shows. When I posted that, I got emails and tweets and DM's that were VERY rude about my attitude and how I needed to shut up and accept that people watch TV and will tweet about it.

I knocked a few people of my twitter that night, and blocked a few addresses in my email, and decided that in the future, I should keep my mouth shut.

Tonight I read tweets from someone I interact with online nearly every day, on twitter and her blog. She and a handful of other people were bitching that if they *dare* say they hate glee, that the glee haters will rain vengeance down on them. They then went on to make fun of the show and the type of people who watch it.

What really bothered me, is one of the girls who was vocal about her Glee hate, was one of the ones who basically told me to put on my big girl panties and deal with it when I said I was annoyed at ppl watching their TV shows months before.

Hypocrisy much?

I just don't see how twitter is worth my time anymore. And I am fast thinking the same about facebook. The stress from those two sites, OYE, I don't need to worry about age spot removal creams yet, but I'm gonna need wrinkle removers soon from all the frowning that the internet is giving me.

I came online four years ago to be entertained, and not, its more of a hassle to try and interact with people.

I feel very unwanted, I feel very..blah.

Is any of this really worth my time?

And can a person continue to blog in little doses like I do without the online interaction that goes with it?

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