Monday, February 04, 2008

Bad Dreams

We had a dog hen I was a child, She was never spayed and had a few batches of puppies. I'm sure she would have had puppy upon puppy until she was too old to bear, but she committed suicide at the ripe old age of five.

My husband also had a dog as a child. His dog, a male, Was neutered. But he came home from the vet a different dog then then fun loving one that went in. Toto had turned mean over night. Biting, growling, he was a menace. becuase my MIL owned a daycare, she eventually got rid of the dog. Dogs who bite are too big of a liability when you care for other peoples children.

Smokey goes in to the Vets the evening of the sixth to be spayed. She has to fast, and we were sure we would be unable to ignore her water dish antics so we opted to have her stay over night to fast and have her operation early in the AM on the seventh.

Logically I know she will be fine. I do. We have talked to a fair number of people about the vet we use and not one of them has a bad story to tell. (Several did about the previous vet). And I also know she HAS to be fixed. I would be unable to give away or sell any pf her puppies becuase I would fall in love with them. And puppies cost a lot of money! So. She has to get fixed.

It's just that every night I have the same dream with small variations. Each time, Smokey comes home a changed dog. She growls at the children. She is mean.

In the dream I am walking down the hallway toward the living room when I hear him scream. I run, but just as I round the corner I see the baby lean down to hug Smokey, inadvertently pressing on her recent stitches. It hurts her and she barks, growls and turns to him.

Sometimes she simply bites him and we drive him for stitches, other times, like last night, by the time I reach them, she has tore the baby's arm clear off. And the dream does not end there. I have to sleep through the panic of trying to call 911. I soak up endless rivers of blood, waiting for the ambulance, as my baby screams in my arms.

The closer we get to the date of her surgery the more vivid and disturbing my dreams get.


Mel said...

what a horrible dream!!! My dogs were all the same after being fixed.

Coffee Mom said...

That's a bad dream alright, but I wouldn't worry about Smokey getting fixed. Or dog Toto was fixed and is the same little energenic fur ball he was before he went in. Although he does get a little squimish when we drive to the corner store which just happens to be right next door to the vet office.