Saturday, February 09, 2008


Tuffies are a dog toy. Smokey is a dog. We buy her new toys every payday because the two weeks between is more than enough time for her to murder them and spread their fuzzy guts throughout the room.

Has anyone tired them? They are expensive. We buy toys that are between 5 and 10 bucks, but the tuffies are between 20 and 30 PLUS shipping.

So. Fill me in. Should we or shouldn't we?

Pee ess: here is a link to ebay where I originally saw them. we are going to check out local pet store to see if they carry them. that was we can save on shipping.

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Coffee Mom said...

We haven't tried the "Tuffies" brand of dog toys, but even with a little dog we were going through the cheap toys like mad, so we decided to buy an expensive "dog toy". We got him a lofa dog and he has not even been able to put a hole in it yet, it was definately worth the purchase.
P.S don't under estimate a small dog he can destroy a tennis ball in less than 6 hours