Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blogging Blah

I have a bunch of posts that I want to write. A few for here and a few for BPR. One for BPR, I think, will be pretty funny. It's funny to me, anyway, But I just haven't really been in a wordy mood. Short posts filled with pictures are fine once and a while ( for me, for you it;s fine) but after a while I get tired of going to my site and not seeing any real writing.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see a nice long post. Especially a post that is well written. One of the posts I have been meaning to write for here is about the new weight loss drug, Alli. Have you heard of it? - no don;t tell me now, wait for the real post on it.

Another thing I want to write about is the weather. I know, its usually a dumb topic you save for when you have nothing else to write about, but the post I envision is awesome beyond awesome. Or. Maybe its just me ranting again.

One thing I am doing to try and kick start my wordyness ( is that even a word??) is opening the notebook function and just writing. Short stories, commentary - anything, so long as I am writing in complete sentences.

Shelli started a movement called free write Friday, and except for the time limit - I write till I have nothing left in me - Thats a perfect example of what I am doing.

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