Friday, February 29, 2008

Winter Sucks - On many levels

Yesterday Our temperatures hit Plus One. - this is freaking awesome - with the windchill it hit -8 - that is still freaking awesome, by the way.

Everything in town was melting, the kids were jumping in slush puddles in the afternoon, driveways and streets were clear and dry, and life was good.

One has to assume that since the weather si so nice the highways will be equally dry. I mean they stay clear (for the most part) the whole winter, even when it is snowing, so I had no worries last night when we put the kids int eh car and headed to the city. We had to pick up my sister in law's van from the airport.

Unfortunately, the conditions were perfect for ice to form on the highways, it was at least and inch thick - thicker in some spots- so thick in fact, that there were deep potholes in the ice!

I was So freaking tense on the drive in, worried we would end up in the ditch like the 23 cars we saw on the way in - keep in mind, we only have to travel 15 miles from our home to the city! 23 cars is a lot!

We got to the city fine, and I dropped hubs off at the airport to find SIL's van. I did not wait for him, I wanted to get home while it was still light out so I would have an easier time navigating the skating rink that was the highway.

Somehow, int he forty minutes we were in the city, the roads miraculously cleared - even thought the temperature dropped from the pluses to the minuses!

I do not understand winter weather AT ALL!~

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Anonymous said...

I am such a weather wimp. We had a few sub-60 degree days recently and I had to crawl under the blankets as soon as I got home from work cuz it was too cold to stay up! It was down into the 30s overnight. Where's global warming when I needed it? The dew froze on my car windows overnight. Can't deal - they don't sell ice scrapers here. Did you know that running water from the garden hose to thaw the windshield only makes more ice? Oh, yeah, I'll bet you did know that...

I'm ok now though, it's been in the 70's all week. (runs away before Blue pelts her with an icy slushball...)