Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hey you know those huge jawbreaker suckers? Hmm. let me do a quick Google search for a picture. Dammit. no luck there. Good thing I have a camera, here is My jawbreaker sucker, after three days work.

Anyway. Have you ever had one of these? I buy them every time I see them, which is not that often, not becuase they are hard to find, but becuase I am lazy and make Hubs go to the store when we need things. Anyway. I bought one three days ago and have been steadily working my way at it. One thing about them that is nice is that they satisfy my need to snack but I can go hours and hours on it and still not end up full or OD'ing on calories.

What SUCKS. Absolutely SUCKS is that every single time I get myself one of these suckers I lick it until my tongue is burning. and beyond. My tongue is SO sore right now. Last night Hubs forcibly took my sucker from me last night becuase I was licking it, not paying attention while we watched a movie last night, and there were streaks of BLOOD on my sucker from my tongue!

damn them and my addictive personality!!1! BRB. Gonna go check see if there are any Bluefly coupons... maybe I can order them in bulk!


Shelli said...

You are totally bizarre. That's why I like you.

Bluepaintred said...

hmmm. how do I edit that to say love? Dammit blogger! always letting me down!

Shelli said...

Sorry. That's what I meant. "That's why I LOVE you."

Bluepaintred said...

*starts celebrating*

Sheila said...

holy schmolie! that's huge.