Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blogging at coffee

I'm going to the city tonight to talk with my tattoo artist, Mike. Before I make an appointment for my tattoo, first he needs to know what I want, where I want it, and then he has to draw it for me. I love Mike. he is awesome. He curses a fair bit, but his skill with the needle is, IMO, incomparable.

When he drew up my last tattoo, I could have cried, he took my idea for what I wanted and made it come alive, and made it better than I could have dreamed up. Not one moment have I ever regretted my tattoo.

I am picking my sister up, hopefully before my appointment, and then afterwards we will go for coffee. Where we go for coffee, there is a spot where you can pick up wireless internet, two tables have windows facing a hotel that has unsecured wireless internet. The chances that the two tables will be open are slim, and I do not want to leave my laptop int he cold car while I go in to talk to Mike.

If I had a laptop bag, it wouldn't even be a question becuase I could keep it with me without trouble then, but the one I want (on eBay) is 99 cents over the balance of what is in my paypal account. I will be ordering it this Thursday or Friday, when Pu2B pays me for ht last period of work.

I just think that blogging at coffee would be awesome.

well. After typing this out I think I have made a decision. I will not bring the laptop tonight, but after I get my case from eBay, all bets are off!

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