Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Routine Breakage

My normal routine is to stay home stay home stay home stay home, go get milk, stay home stay home, go shopping stay home.


Seriously though, I do not get out all that much, and really, it doesn't bug me, until I have a busy night and pay for it the next day!

I wish I could say I was doing something refined like visiting wine clubs, or going to a poetry reading, but the truth is, all it took to wipe me out was this:
  • left home
  • Get to the mail box to mail something from MY dog to my fathers dog at
  • Get to the city
  • Pick up my sister
  • Drive across town for Tattoo appointment to make Tattoo Appointment
  • Try to drive to Wal*mart
  • Miss my turn off
  • Drive very long till next turn off.
  • Stop to take a picture for Nobody
  • Drive back towards Wal*mart
  • Convince my sister to ask in a fearful voice "is she still following me" to passerby's as I push her wheelchair.
  • Pitch a fit over the fact that that little boy gets to have lucky charms why can't I.
  • Laugh as my sister wheels herself away and pretends not to know me.
  • Pick out a Bunny hug.
  • Put it back, pick out a different one.
  • Find my sister and have her tell me my bunny hug sucks
  • Punch sister
  • Go to mens wear, pick out another bunny hug
  • This one is acceptable.
  • Two chocolate bars, a 3 pack of lighters later and we are through the till.
  • Drive to Future Shop.
  • Go in, admire Sales man with beautiful lips while waiting in line.
  • Not notice when his beautiful lips are asking if he can help me.
  • Blush
  • Get laptop back
  • caress it gently.
  • Pay through the nose for laptop.
  • Caress again. There may have been a bit of tongue involved.
  • Back to the car.
  • Open chocolate bar - I haven't had supper.
  • Try to back out of my spot. FAIL
  • Put down chocolate bar and successfully back out of my spot.
  • resume chocolate consumption.
  • Head for Coffee.
  • Enjoy coffee
  • Take sister home
  • Home at last - Five hours later

I need a nap.

1 comment:

Shelli said...

I would be tired after all that, too.