Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ring Ring Ring ; Banana Phone

The vet just called. Smokey just went under anesthetic. As soon as she went to sleep, they did a complete check up on her. She has retained some baby teeth. Just like Rainbow Man, and needs to have them pulled out. It doesn't cost much, just twenty bucks for the lot of them, but I am upset I never noticed it before.

I bet it hurts to have new teeth push through while the baby teeth hang on! The vet is going to extract them while she is under.

When we took her in last night we were told there is a base amount that a spay costs, but an owner can choose to have extra things done while they are under - at a cost of course.

We talked about the micro chipping, but she has three different tags stating her name and phone number as well as her rabies tag - that number can be entered into any vet data base in SK and they can locate her owners through it. So we declined the microchip (46 dollars). She had all her blood work done last month so we did not opt for a repeat analysis of that (34 dollars). What we did choose as an extra was what they call pain management.

From what I understand it is a shot as well, as, her stitches have something in them that keeps the area numb as Smokey heals. Definitely worth the 25 dollars it costs in my opinion.

Last night was so weird without her. I mean. She has only been with us for four and a half months. But It was horrible. I went to the pantry to get a snack and she was not there begging for a treat. I had a bath without her nosing her way in to blow bubbles in the water. And the worst part? Knowing that from eight PM she was all alone at the vet's kennel. She took her blankie and her squeaky caterpillar (with no legs cus she ate them) but...

When we took her in, they let us be the ones to put her in the kennel and say good night to her. Se whimpered and cried as we shit the door on her, but when we turned to go out of the room, to leave the vets, she howled like I have never heard. She KNEW we were leaving her there all alone.

I had a hard time going to sleep last night, wondering if she had given up and fallen asleep or if she was still up, pacing the floor crying for us. As much as I am terrified of her coming home (she is so very active, I am SO scared she will hurt herself running and jumping) I cannot wait until four when Hubs gets home so we can pick her up. I can't wait to see her little waggily tail and have her lick my face.

I simply cannot believe how attached to her I am after only four months!

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Shelli said...

You made me tear up. I know exactly what you mean. I am worried about it, too.