Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are You Addicted?

Ok, I'm pretty fanatic about my FaceBook apps. Three in particular, Big Bucks lotto, Pull Tabs, and Scratch and Win. Each day your credits reset, so you have to use your daily credits..well, Daily!

The games are a blast, and I love playing them to the point that when I am away from home, and thus, my internet I make arrangements with a friend to "buy" my tickets with my daily credits so they do not go to waste.

What I simply do NOT understand is how people can be online trading REAL money for FAKE credits for these apps!

Yes! Absolutely, I would LOVE to have more daily credits to spend on my apps, but seriously, real money??

Take Big Bucks Lotto for example. I get 400 daily credits to buy my tickets. The more sets I complete by winning "BigBucks" and purchasing "prizes" the more daily tickets I get. I am not sure, but I believe that the max FREE daily tickets one can get is 2000.

There is an app that is connected to almost every FaceBook app, it is called Spare Change where you can spend real money - either VIA credit card or PayPal and get in return FAKE credits to play whatever FaceBook app you are playing :

Yea. One HUNDRED dollars. One hundred dollars that could be spent on gas or Milk or even a cute pair of shoes, just to get a couple thousand tickets?

So do the math people. This person has played 29600 tickets - and that is JUST in the first half hour of the day! By the end of the day the top spot is usually held by someone who has played over 100,000 tickets!

And that, people, is how you KNOW you are addicted to the internet!

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