Thursday, September 25, 2008

Twilight Ideas

I've been reading the four books in the Twilight series, and then reading them again, and then? Again. I am chapters away from finishing the series for the third time, and I plan of picking up book one again as soon as I finish with book four!

From reading twilight, it has come to my attention that if I want to have a Vampire of my very own, I will need to start looking for jobs in Philadelphia because vampires like populated places, You know, cus no one will notice a random bloodsucking every now and then - so long as there are way way way more people alive in a city than the ones who turn up mysteriously dead, it's all good.

And I really, really, really would like a vampire.


No, really, I seriously would LOVE to be a vampire, especially the way Stephanie Myers portrays them in her Twilight series!

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