Sunday, September 14, 2008

P is for Piglet!

We went for coffee on Friday with BFF Kissy. Our regular place had closed at 4pm due to lack of staff, so we had to go to a new place. At first i was quite upset, I am NOT a fan of change! But after we got there - there was a truck stop Husky gas station and restaurant - and I had a chance to check out the store part of the place, I was OK with it! I got the boys tiny little kittens that meow and say I love you, but are made out of something so freaking soft, it makes me wonder if they actually skinned live cats for the toy cat's fur!

since BFF Kissy is ALWAYS working she took the opportunity to pass along some baby gifts for my SIL, knowing that I would for sure see her first. I left a message with SIl that i had gifts for her, but also told her not to worry about trying to get down to my place to pick them up, as we will be going to my Dad's (SIL is staying there) in two weeks to pick up our new puppy and will deliver the gifts at that time.

BFF Kissy was gifted an umbrella stroller from a friend, and gave it to me to pass on to SIL. It's no Bob stroller - those are awesome, they are for parents who want to spend a lot of time out doors, the bob stroller has a pivoting front wheel for easy navigation of rough terrain, and the tires themselves are much larger than a regular stroller so that you don't have to stick to paved roads! The Bob Strollers come in the same categories that a "regular stroller" comes in, they have the one with an infant car seat on it, they also have ones that will seat multiple children!

But it will come handy when a big stroller won't fit where she needs to go! And, it will make a great play toy for SIL's two year old daughter to drive her baby dolls around in!

Anyway, I promised SIL some pictures of the goodies I have sitting here waiting for her!

Here is the little umbrella stroller with the gift bag sitting in it!

And some Stickers for the Big sister!

And of course, the most important - an adorable Piglet outfit for the new baby!

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Marilyn said...

Ooohhh. And all in pink!